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Spa hotel Persenk ***** / Devin/ - in the wonderful water!
Spa hotel Persenk ***** / Devin/ - in the wonderful water!

In the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, 206 km from Sofia and 87 from Plovdiv, in the charming little town of Devin – that is where SPA HOTEL PERSENK is. The resort boasts a various relief, as well as picturesque surroundings, mild climate and the availability of several kinds of mineral waters. The five-star SPA Hotel Persenk offers a cozy and stylish atmosphere, exceptional peaceful comfort and an opportunity to enjoy local dishes and aromatic wines.

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Spa tourism
What is Spa tourism?

Spa (in French Spa) is a city in Belgium, province of Liege.

It is known as a balneology resort because of its mineral springs. The procedures become popular even in the end of XV century – they have been used for medical purposes, as well as for relaxation of noble persons.
The abbreviation SPA means Sanus Per Aquam or Health through water.

During the last few years Bulgaria has become more popular with its great number of mineral springs. In total there are 225 mineral springs in Bulgaria. The curative qualities of the Bulgarian mineral spring water have been known from far-off antiquity. Near the mineral springs have been constructed hydropathic sanatoriums Hisarya – ancient Augusta, Kyustendil – Pautaliya, SPA Bourgas – Akve kalite, later Termopolis, Public bath Separevo – Germaneya, Public Bath Sliven s – Tanzos and Sofia – Ulpiya Serdika.
The Bulgarian mineral water is medium- and highly mineralized.
They are used for drinking balneotherapy in case of renal-urological, gastro-intestinal, endocrine-metabolic diseases and chronic intoxications.
The macro ingredient water can have a pharma dynamic effect, similar to a medicine/the medicines.

The sulphate mineral water is especially effective in case of liver-gall diseases. The sulphate-iron mineral water has good effects in cases of anemia.
The salt mineralized water is most suitable for external balneotherapy in case of rheumatic, degenerative and inflammatory diseases, as well as in case of traumatological – orthopedic, neurological and gynecological diseases.

The curative action of gas-sulphide- sulphuretted hydrogen and radon water is biostimulative.

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